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Yes. The rate at which concrete hardens is very much affected by temperature, moisture and wind. Wind can cause the surface to crack. Rain will significantly weaken the surface. Placing concrete in cold weather often involves heating some of the concrete ingredients, protecting the freshly-placed concrete from freezing, and closely monitoring the strength gain of the concrete. Placing concrete in hot weather might mean cooling materials or placing concrete at nighttime to avoid daytime extremes. That’s why it’s important to work with the right concrete mix for your application.

If your driveway is too narrow or too short to handle all of your parking needs, we can extend it with additional concrete.

 This is a natural stress point as the concrete cures it is trying to shrink in 2 different directions.

The slope of your garage sends all the water and salt from your vehicles down to the rubber barrier of your garage door, this is the coldest spot and prone to more freezing and thawing.

We Do Exposed is a start to finish service provider. We provide the highest quality concrete for all of our job sites. We work with the best concrete suppliers in the industry.

Our spectrum of services and products includes Exposed aggregate sealing, Paving Stones Sealing, Epoxy floors, Spalling Repairs, Pressure Washing & Concrete Pumps, Concrete Blocks, Ready Mixed Concrete & Floor Screeds.

 1. Protection: the acrylic sealer binds the stones and the concrete.

2. Sealer prevents water from penetrating the concrete.

3. Aesthetics: the high gloss gives a bright finish.

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